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Welcome to the 4-H Computer Club!

This Facebook club is our place on the Internet for the county-wide projects that we deliver through the Placer and Nevada County 4-H system.
For more information about 4-H, please see:

Our Projects:


We use three primary curricula for programming:
Youth 9-12
For our younger kids, ages around 9-12, we use Google's CS-First program which leverages great video tutorials combined with MIT's Scratch programming environment. for the 2018-2019 year, we are offering the Storytelling and Game Design modules:

Youth 12 and up

For our older kids, around 12-19, we use GREAT curriculum from which was created to help facilitate creating programming clubs in high school. Kids will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. See for more information.
If you are serious about learning to code and see yourself someday working as a programmer, we leverage the curriculum and support your independent study by meeting up on a monthly basis. See for more information.

Electronics (in development)

Our primary curriculum for electronics is the curriculum from This curriculum teaches basic discrete and digital electronics and programming in JavaScript on the Arduino microcontroller.

Robotics (in development)

We are still developing our robotics curriculum, but it will be based primarily on the Arduino microcontroller using JavaScript and the Johnny-Five robotics library.

Other related topics

We showed our kids what is inside a computer, how to install and backup a computer operating system, built an animatronic skull-bot, built a typing robot and many more!

Our Facilitators

Cayce Beames

Cayce has been working in technology for over 25 years. From IT Systems Administration to Network Engineering and Internet Security, Risk Management and Compliance Auditing, Cayce has consulted with many Global corporations and traveled extensively.

Roland Shield

Roland has been a working as a GIS professional for over 15 years, both in the public and private sector, focusing on land resource management, utility asset management, risk analysis, and customer support.