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Robotics is fun and it's a great way to make for a great future. This article helps answer the who (you!), what (robotics developer), when (now), and why (read the article) of becoming a robotics developer.

Students Mastering ROS Robots

I was very excited to talk with the UC Davis team that is inviting High School kids to participate in what has previously been a collegiate sport - NATCAR.

They have created structured curriculum and are providing advisors to help teams through the curriculum which culimates in the NATCAR competition at UC Davis!

For more information, see their website and let us know if you're interested.  Teams are forming NOW!


I've been working for a while trying to figure out a reliable way to use the HC-SR04 ultrasonic proximity detector with this robot.  Thanks to the good people down under at Nodebots Australia, I think we've got it working great!

When my hand is away, the robot drives forward.  When my hand is in front of the sensor, the robot turns to the right to avoid it, then continues to move forward when my hand (the obstacle) is gone.  Check it out in this little video:

Our meeting on June 10th is just a couple of days away!

We'll be continuing the exercises in Module #4 from, talk about Module #5 and the new robotics happenings.

Binary with Binny
Binary with Binny

Last meeting, we created Dodge, a video game where you move your dinosaur out of the way of falling rocks.

In this meeting, we will be creating a game similar to Flappy Bird, Pitfall and Defender, or for the modern among us, Geometry Dash.  This one is called Platformer.

Come join us on May 20 at 11a at our Club Garage!

You can see a playable demo version here: